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Empaths are very sensitive people who usually need more time or more energy to stay focused and calm. But since they are one of the best kinds of people on this earth I want to help them stay emotionally stable in any way possible. One of the best methods for that is using crystals though, so if you’re an empath I highly recommend getting at least one of the following gemstones and keeping it on you at all times.

Even if you are not an empath, just a generally sensitive person I still highly recommend looking into these crystals.

Black tourmaline

tourmaline - crystals for empaths
Raw black tourmaline

This is the strongest crystal out there that can protect you from any kind of negative energy. If you are an empath I would say that this is a must-have for you since you pick up on everything around you without question and that invites in way too many not-so-great things as well.

Black tourmaline stones make great additions to bracelets because of their dark color, although for them to reach their true potential it’s better to wear a small piece as a medal because it’s closer to the heart. Also, the rougher the stone, the better.


Amethyst cluster

The best time to use amethyst is after the bulk of the overwhelm has passed, and only negative energies linger. While crystals like black tourmaline are great for protecting your aura and chakras, amethyst shines when it comes to dissolving the blocks that appear when you weren’t able to sufficiently protect yourself.

Therefore, the best way to use amethyst is to keep it close when you know that you will be absorbing the emotions of others. Take some time every now and then to go to the bathroom or somewhere quiet where you can cool off and channel the negative energy into the stone. You can also mix and match amethyst with other crystals on this list that have protective qualities as well, to minimize the discomfort.


malachite - crystals for empaths
Malachite cluster

This one doesn’t actually ward off any kind of energy, instead, it gives you the power to do that yourself. The green color and energy of malachite are enough to help people find a balance between their own need to be compassionate and staying sane while picking up on other people’s feelings. These two are more difficult to manage than one would think, if you’re an empath who is affected by the mood of others.

So, if you are an empath you can use malachite in a simple way. Whenever you are starting to feel overwhelmed or you know that there will be way too much negative energy around you, just grab onto the malachite and hold it. Feel the stone slowly warm up to your palm and let that slight coldness seep into your skin. Breathe in deeply, feel whatever you need to feel, then let it all go with the next breath out.

Smokey quartz

Smokey quartz cluster

Smokey quartz can absorb negative energy coming your way, but it won’t do anything to get rid of it or neutralize it. Instead, it will quietly build up inside over time and eventually you will need to deal with the problem. Smokey quartz is great because you can get through the day without feeling overwhelmed, but you need another crystal to complement it with.

I highly suggest pairing it with rose or clear quartz. Clear quartz is powerful when it comes to absorbing and transmuting negative energy, while rose quartz will also do so, but with the added benefit of bringing in positive, nurturing energy. Empaths pick up a lot of energy and when it is emptied out all at once it can cause some emotional discomfort. If in doubt, you should probably go with the rose quartz.

Final thoughts

Please, if you are an empath make sure you take care of yourself. You have this power for a very good reason, and if you can maintain balance while exploring your gifts, you are able to help heal the world. Take care of yourself so you can fulfill this purpose.

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