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There are times when you feel you simply can’t forgive someone. Whether that be someone who wronged you, hurt you, or even yourself, it can be insanely hard to let go of the resentment and anger you harbor for them. It can be really hard to summon the mental strength to forgive, but it’s much healthier to let go.

Which is why I’m here today to teach you a couple of spells that can help.

Forgiveness for family members, colleagues, and friends

If you have something against someone who is so close to you, it will inevitably cause trouble. But sometimes you just can’t forgive them without a little extra help, no matter how much you love them.

You will need:

If you want the spell to be even more potent, use a picture of yourself, as well as a picture of the person you want to forgive. Simply place these next to the candles, then anoint them with the Lily of the Valley oil. Get out some matches and light them, then say:

It is time to forgive and forget

You will once again be glad

You will never be sad

Just be grateful that we met.

Let the candles burn and gather up whatever remains (including the burnt match), then bury them under a tree in your garden. Or under one that is closest to your home.

Self-forgiveness ritual

If you have caused someone harm or hurt, there is a good chance that you are feeling guilty. But let’s be honest, we all make mistakes on all levels of severity and have to forgive ourselves after some time.

You will need:

  • A black candle
  • A cup of water (preferably a chalice)
  • A green potted plant
  • An image of the Goddess
  • Milk (dairy or plant-based, both are fine)

First, light the black candle and hold the cup or chalice. You should have both the green plant and the image of the Goddess in front of you, preferably close to each other. Think of everything you’ve done wrong and are ashamed of. Build up this negative energy and project it into the water. Once you have listed everything, you can pour the water out onto the plant. Thank the plant for receiving your negative energy in order to transform it. Blow out the candle and fill the cup or chalice with the milk. Look at the image of the Goddess and ask for forgiveness. Imagine her hands cupping yours and her positive energy filling you up. Hear her words of forgiveness, then drink up.

From now, you have her blessing to let go of your guilt.

Self-forgiveness meditation

For this meditation, you don’t need any supplies, but I recommend burning a stick of rose vanilla incense. It will help the sweetness of forgiveness seep into your body.

Sit down and concentrate on your soul. Feel your heart beat. Feel it pump your blood. Feel that warm liquid flowing through your body, carrying the life force in you. Once you are connected to your inner self, you can talk yourself through your troubles. I’ll give you a couple of example sentences you can use:

I am human. I make mistakes, and that is okay. What I did was not right or justifiable, but I have to let it go. I have learned from it and now know what to do to avoid it in the future. I have the right to forgive myself, even if others cannot.

Note: you should apologize to whoever you hurt first. This meditation won’t bring you any peace if you haven’t tried to make things better.


Forgive a long-time enemy

“Enemy” might be a very strong word, but sometimes it captures the feeling in its entirety. If negative feelings remain unaddressed, they can fester and turn into poison in your body. If you feel this strongly towards someone, this spell can help bring peace and forgiveness to your soul.

You will need:

First, light the red candle and say the following:

You have wronged me and hurt me. I can’t put into words the amount of pain you have caused, and I resent you for it. You deserve every bit of karmic harm you get, but I am not going to be the one to deliver it. The universe knows what you earned for yourself, and you will get it.

If you want to, you can talk about specific instances where they hurt or wronged you. Remember them vividly and make sure that you see their face clearly before you. This is the time to get out that last bit of anger. Then take the white candle, anoint it with the oil, light it, and blow out the red one. Then say this:

But I forgive you. I am not one to judge your actions, and I am not willing to harbor any more resentment and anger. From now on, I am free.

Finally, blow out the white candle.

Forgiveness of a friend

This spell is best if your close friend betrayed you recently, as it will help you let go of the hurt much more easily.

You will need:

Light both the candle and the incense. Calm your body and clear your mind, then take yourself back to the time they betrayed or wronged you. Relive the moment. Feel your heart drop once more. Let the anger and disappointment overwhelm you. Do not shy away from or resist the feelings, but feel them with acceptance. Then visualize yourself breathing out this negative energy. Take your time, and feel your body letting go of more tension and negative energy with each exhale. When you feel empty and calm, use the last exhale to blow out the candle.

You might not be able to rekindle the friendship, but you will be able to let go.

Final thoughts

Forgiveness is hard to do, but these spells will help you for sure. So if you are keeping a lot of negative feelings, don’t you think this might be the time to let them out?

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