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There are a couple of herbs that are used very commonly in witchcraft and so, everyone who practices needs to have them. If you have a Wiccan supply store near you there is a good chance these can all be found there and if not, you can easily order them online. Or better yet, you can order seeds and grow them yourself!

So, let’s look at what you need to get when you go shopping the next time.


As depicted by many movies and books, sage is very commonly used in witchcraft. It’s great for cleansing, when sage is burned it can clear the energy around itself and expel unwanted spirits. It’s also associated with wisdom, which is why you should always have some on your altar.

It can help with spellwork, as the smoke of sage can give you mental clarity too, something crucial if you are doing something sensitive. But it’s also great for meditation if you want to clear your mind quickly.

A quick note: please don’t use white sage! It’s endangered, so if you want to buy some in a store you will end up with a dupe or something completely different. Instead, get seeds and grow them yourself. They are fairly difficult to take care of, but if you have a green thumb and like to grow plants you will find this challenge quite enjoyable.


The favorite of kitchen and green witches. Money spells often include basil, as it can attract success and financial gain. For kitchen witches it’s especially great, as they can simply throw some basil into a dish and attract money that way. But it can also be good for a lot of job spells, as this herb is also associated with success, so if you are aiming to get a promotion you might want to use it.

It’s also easy to take care of, so you can just have a plant lying around in your kitchen so you can pick it anytime you want.


In most cases your craft will require you to use rosemary oil instead of the whole plant, although the latter isn’t rare either. Whatever the case though, you can easily extract the oil by crushing the fresh leaves in a mortar, so there really is no reason not to keep it around at all times.

Rosemary is mostly used for cleansing, love, and school spells. This herb has a lot of positive attributes. It can get rid of bad energy and spirits, while also attracting another person’s attention and helping the user focus. You get a lot of variety out of this small plant.

You can also plant some at home, as they are easy to take care of.


It’s very likely that you haven’t had to use this herb yet. There aren’t many spells that require you to have some and therefore, a lot of witches don’t even research it, much less get any. This is wrong for many reasons, as if you want to perform advanced spellwork you will need it and basically, nobody will tell you.

Mugwort is used for amplifying your psychic abilities (it can also induce visualizations and lucid dreaming). It also encourages wisdom and observation, which are great things to have when you’re practicing. Unfortunately though, if you don’t research first you will miss out on this great opportunity. A lot of witches do.

If you want to get the most out of it don’t try to grow it at home. Mugwort is best if it’s wild, so either collect some from a forest nearby or visit a local occult shop, or if you want to get some fresh pieces you will need to go to a gourmet grocery store.


These flowers can be found everywhere during summer and they can work absolute miracles on a person’s craft. No wonder why many witches turn to this amazing plant.

It can do many things, but it’s mainly used for its calming properties. It can banish negative thoughts and nightmares even if you only use a simple spell. Besides that, it can also break curses, which can really come in handy if you feel like someone put a spell on you that attracted negative energy.

You can also make tea out of it and it doesn’t take more than a bunch of chamomiles, a pot, and boiling water. Be careful though, as these wildflowers might have plenty of germs on them and it can get into your system if you don’t prepare the tea properly. Because of this you might want to grow your own at home or just buy the dried herbs at the store.

Final thoughts

These flowers and herbs are amazing by themselves, but if you want to include them in spellwork it’s even better. But if you don’t have a green thumb or would rather not keep plants around the house that’s okay too, as all of them can be found in stores. It’s not the end of the world if you don’t have a green witch’s traits.

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