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Cleansing your items every once in a while is necessary if you don’t want all their energies overflowing and messing with your spellwork. This goes double for crystals that have specific vibrations and powers, as these can either be harmed or completely ruined. The only problem is that many witches don’t know how to cleanse them properly.

But now you’re here with an open mind and ready to learn, which is a great start! Just read through the list and see which method resonates with you:

1. Use Incense smoke

The simplest, safest, and quickest way to cleanse crystals is by holding them in incense smoke. You can use incense sticks if you’d like to hold it up and let the smoke surround it, or you can use a cone and submerge your gem. Either way, make sure that each side is covered.

This way you don’t have to worry about a crystal’s hardness or quality, as the smoke can’t do any harm to it. Given that you don’t hold it too close to the ember itself, because it can get really hot around the incense. As long as you keep them 6 inches (or 15 centimeters) apart you should be good to go, though.
Sage, as always in the case of cleanses, is best for this method.

2. Let it rest under the moonlight

This method is simple and safe but takes a lot of time. You don’t need to actually do anything while cleansing, but your crystal will take approximately 8 hours to be clear of excess energy.

Simply place it under the full moon’s light (it can be outside or inside as long as light actually reaches it) and leave it be. Some people believe that doing this during the new moon is even better because then the moon can “suck” the energy out. It’s one of the more obscure methods. Either way, you shouldn’t touch it until the sun comes up.

A lot of witches become concerned when they realize that it’s not a clear night, because they think the clouds will prevent the light from getting through. This is partially true, but some can still make its way to your crystal, so you shouldn’t be too worried. It will be cleansed even if there is a storm outside.

3. Let it rest under sunlight

This method is very similar to the last one, except for the fact that it can be done on any day. You don’t need to be aware of the lunar phase, the calendar, or the position of planets. Is the sun up? Yes? Then you can cleanse your crystals in its light.
You should be very careful though, as it can damage some gems. For example, rose, cherry, and smoky quartz can become clear within a couple of hours if placed under direct sunlight. It doesn’t ruin it completely, but some of the specific energies will be gone for sure.

4. Visualize the energy leaving

Most people associate this method with meditation, which is true to an extent because you really do have to clear your mind and focus on your work. However, in this case you can’t have an empty head, because that would disrupt the cleanse. Instead, you are supposed to see and feel the energy within the crystal and visualize it. The best way to do this is by imagining a gas-like matter floating within and releasing it into the world. Make sure you don’t run it through your own body though, because that can cause problems!

ways to cleanse crystals

5. Use the Cleansing Properties of Water

Water is the most powerful element when it comes to cleansing and because of that, there are many ways to use it. These are the most common ones.
Just a warning before you get started, though: some crystals are damaged by water because they can crack or melt. You don’t want either, because they can completely ruin your gem.

  • River water – If you live near a river or even a creek you are a really lucky person. You can take your crystal and submerge it in the water. Let it rest for about half a minute, letting the river flow over each side, then take it out.
  • Natural saltwater – No, unfortunately you can’t just dissolve salt in some water and be done with it. I’m talking about water from a sea or ocean, it can’t be anything else. Simply place your crystal in a bowl of it and leave for half an hour. With still waters the cleansing takes a longer time, as the energy isn’t constantly carried away, but it rather just seeps out of the crystal.
  • Moon water – You already know how to make moon water, so it shouldn’t a problem to get some. After all, the process to make it doesn’t take long and is fairly simple. Once again, submerge and leave in for half an hour.

6. Taking the energy into yourself then letting out

This is a rather unsafe method because you will be absorbing whatever energy is stuck in your crystal. You can’t know what’s in it for sure, which is why it’s risky to do it. The main reason why we told you before that you shouldn’t try to redirect the energy into your own body. Only those should use this method who have had a lot of experience with manipulating these forces.

But if you are really keen on trying this method you can. Meditate with the crystal in your hands and visualize the same black smoke flowing into your fingers. Let it fill you up and then breathe it out. Make sure that none of it is left in the crystal, but pay more attention to your own body. Don’t let any of it stay in you.
The only reason why it’s worth cleansing with this method is that after a while you will be able to pull the bad kinds of energy out without disturbing the good ones. It’s a hard skill to learn though, which is why you should practice out of your body first.

7. Put it in fire

This is the riskiest, so please look up whether your crystal can withstand fire or not. If it can’t it could potentially break into a lot of small pieces and after that there is no going back. Not to mention the fact that some gems actually lose their natural power from a lot of heat.

Light a candle, then grab a pair of pliers (or tweezers, those work too) and hold your crystal in it firmly. Have a strong grip on it, but make sure you aren’t putting too much pressure on there. Take a deep breath and submerge your crystal in the flames. Hold for about 5 seconds, but never more than 15 seconds, then take it out and place it into a metal bowl. DO NOT put it in water, it will definitely crack because of the temperature difference! Wait until it cools down by itself.

Final thoughts

These are all pretty good methods if you want to cleanse your crystal, but if you aren’t sure about yourself yet you should just stick to the incense. If you are beginning to get confident or want to learn more advanced ways then I encourage you to do so.

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