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I think we have all had a desire to perform spells that attracted financial gain. After all, money can make our lives easier, especially considering that crystals, altarpieces, and other items for our craft can get pretty expensive.

So here are some herbs you can use for those spells.


This is the most common ingredient for money attraction spells, for an excellent reason. It has a powerful effect, it’s easy to obtain, and the biggest pro of them all is that you can always use it in your cooking if you don’t have a use for it in your craft anymore.

Besides that, you can also use basil to repel a love interest that you don’t want, protect your home or heal a damaged friendship. It’s a perfect herb to have around with such a wide variety.

And you can easily grow basil at home.


If you are looking to attract a significant sum of money without any work you have found the right herb for you, nutmeg can help with spells that increase your luck during gambling and bets so that you have a better shot at winning money. This can get a little iffy, though, because the universe likes giving things out for and exchange, but not for a simple spell. Be on the lookout, because your financial gain can be quickly reversed.

Nutmeg is also great for healing or pain erasing spells, love attraction, or keeping a partner loyal to yourself.


Now, cinnamon can be tricky to use as a part of a spell. Since it’s technically a spice, it can get a tiny bit unpredictable when a lot of energy is around it, so it’s better to put it to a passive use. I highly suggest making a money satchel with it, as it’s the best method.

You can also use cinnamon to ground yourself, offer it during Yule, make your bedroom life a little more interesting, or protect your home. Although you will most likely be using cinnamon as an erotic spell enhancer, it’s still a great addition to a money satchel.

It’s also really easy to find in stores, both in the form of sticks and powder.


Cloves are most commonly used for love spells, so don’t get too scared if you can’t find many rituals that you are looking for right now. Prosperity and money spells that include cloves are sporadic and should be treasured, so if you ever come across one, try to save it somewhere. The one method you can use to attract money with cloves is putting them near your front door. Ideally above it, but that’s a bit difficult to do, given the shape and size of cloves.

As I have said, cloves are great for love spells, but you can also protect your home, strengthen your mind and spirituality, and increase your sex drive with it.


Take a tiny bit of this herb, put it in your pocket, shoe, purse, or wherever it doesn’t disturb you in your everyday life and carry it around. Try to forget about it, so that it can take effect. After a couple of days, you should experience some monetary gain.

It works excellent in money spells and potions as well, but it can also help repel bad dreams and spirits. Or, if you are having problems with balancing your emotions, it can also help with that.

Bay leaf

You can either attract general prosperity into your life with bay leaves, and you can use them to succeed in your career or hobby to make money. Either way, it’s a really useful tool, and you can increase your chances at monetary gain just by burning a single piece of it. It’s an absolute must-have for witches.

But it can help with many other things. Are you having problems with your psychic development? Do you want to protect your home? Heal someone? Or simply reduce stress? Well, bay leaves are here to help you out. They are great for all of these purposes.


You can’t use the entire plant to attract money, so please don’t even try to do that. Instead, take the berries or press some oil out of the leaves and stems and use those in your spell. They will have a much better effect. You can simply burn them to achieve your goal, but you can also anoint candles with them and perform a money spell, or you can even put some near your front door to attract prosperity.

Although allspice is much better as a healing ingredient, it has a really powerful energy that can be best harnessed by healing spells, which is why you shouldn’t use the whole plant in a money spell because it could potentially confuse the energies.


This herb is potent for money spells. If you plan on using it during a ritual or offering it to a deity, you can expect it to take effect really quickly and with full force. Because of this, it might be worth trying to only make a money satchel out of first. That way, you won’t be overwhelmed with whatever is coming your way.

Ginger can also help you attract love, or even just friends, make you more confident and stop nightmares.


This one is my absolute favorite because you can attract prosperity and monetary gain just by having thyme in your garden. If you tend to it regularly and place your intention into the care, it will flourish and bring you luck. The bigger your thyme grows, the better.

It also has a strong connection to the underworld, so it’s a great thing to have around if you want to honor your dead or even communicate with them. But you can also let go of them and the grief you feel because of their death with thyme.

thyme for money spells

Final thoughts

Now that you know all the herbs you can use for a money spell, it’s time to get out there to perform one. I’m sure you can find at least one of these at home, so why not get into it? A little financial gain can never hurt.

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