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It’s always important to be safe while practicing witchcraft. Because of this, you should cast protection spells regularly, which requires you to have some herbs on hand that will enhance the effect. Today we will tell you all about the ones that can be fairly easily found and can make a huge difference in your work.

1. Garlic

Interestingly enough, garlic won’t only protect you against vampires. It can actually keep away all kinds of negative energy, which in turn will keep you safe. You can use separated cloves, minced garlic, or even just the skin. All of these have the power to protect you, so you have plenty of options as to what you want to use.

If you want to keep yourself safe while performing rituals, you should cast a magic circle and place a clove in the place of the 4 elements. Burn the fire one, wet the water one, cover the earth one in dirt and finally, submerge the air one in incense.

2. Basil

This herb is mostly associated with money and love, but if used right you can protect these two aspects of your life with it. Basil won’t physically protect you or keep away any negative energies by itself. Instead, it will help you achieve financial stability, where you can get rid of extensive costs and any bad spending habits. Or you can also keep your love safe by protecting it from hexes or curses.

You should be very clear about your intentions if you want to use basil as a protective herb because it will only help in these instances. If you don’t state what you want clearly it won’t work.

3. Sage

A must-have for every single witch out there. Sage is perfect for cleansing entire houses or even just items because the smoke can clear anything of negative energy within seconds.

Sage works best if you want to protect yourself while casting spells. When you open your mind and soul to put your intentions out into the universe you are more vulnerable than in any other instance and it can put you at great risk. That’s why you should be burning sage closeby. The smoke will get rid of anything that’s looking to harm you.

Note: please don’t use white sage. It’s endangered and could go extinct in the near future if we don’t pay attention, so please use regular sage.

4. Anise

This can work the same way as sage, it will just be a little less effective. And slightly cheaper. But if you aren’t looking to perform a higher kind of magick or don’t want to invoke a more powerful deity it should work just fine.

5. Aloe

Once again, this plant gets rid of bad energy. Although, most of the time it’s used to ward them off before even getting into the home, which is why many people hang a pot of aloe above or next to their front door.

It can also bring good luck.

6. Mallow

Although often associated with love attraction, mallow is actually really good for protection as well. If you want to keep negative energy away from yourself in your everyday life you need to make an ointment out of it and rub it on your skin every day.

To create the ointment, you need to steep the leaves and stems in vegetable shortening. Leave for 7 days with a citrine crystal nearby, then once the time is up, strain.

7. Buckwheat

If you want to cast an especially strong magick circle buckwheat will really come in handy. You will likely be able to find it in your local grocery store, as most places sell the seeds in individual little packets. Simply grind these up to make a flour-like substance and sprinkle around in a circle.

8. Coconut

You wouldn’t have thought of seeing this one on this list, huh? I wasn’t really expecting it in Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs either, but it’s there. And since I got (and am still getting) most of my knowledge from there, I think it’s an honorable mention.

You can use coconuts several ways to invoke protection. The simplest method is to simply hand one up in your home, so that it may deter evil energies. A slightly more complicated thing you can do it sawing it in half, filling it with other protective herbs, then burying it near your home.

9. Cumin

You can exorcise demons and evil spirits from your home with this one if all else fails. Simply burn it with frankincense and sprinkle it on the ground along with some black salt and you will be good to go. Although, if you couldn’t keep your home protected before they may come back again, so it’s a good idea to repeat this every once in a while.

Or, if you are getting married sometime soon, you should have some cumin with you during the wedding. It will make sure that your marriage stays clear of all negative energies.

Final thoughts

Either way, keep yourself safe. The world is out to get all of us, so these herbs will give us a little bit of a chance to hold on longer.

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