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If you’re a green witch you already know when things are ready for harvest in your garden and when you should sow your seeds. This is all nice, but if you time these things to the phase of the moon you will likely end up with healthier and bigger plants that are enhanced by your craft. Not to mention, better crops to harvest.

Fortunately for you, I have a definitive guide to what you need to do and when.

Garden magick for the New moon

This is the time for new beginnings and change. Because of this, you might think that you should be sowing your seeds while it’s the new moon. And you would be partially right.

There are specific plants that should be planted because the moon’s gravitational pull is the strongest at this time. This causes seeds to fill up with water and burst more easily. Because of this, bigger seeds, like the ones of mangoes and avocados, will start growing much faster. On the other hand, smaller seeds are more likely to cause harm in themselves from the excess water and may not be able to sprout after bursting.

During the new moon, plants can grow their roots slightly more than their leaves, so it’s also great for small saplings.

Garden Magick For The 1st quarter Moon

Generally speaking, this period is best for planting annual crops that grow their seeds outside of their fruits. This comes from our ancestors who passed down this information for generations, although nothing remained that could explain why we should do this.

The gravitational pull is slightly less during this time, but it’s still considerable. Because of this, roots and leaves grow evenly.

Garden Magick For The 2nd quarter Moon

This is the best time to plant smaller seeds. The gravitational pull is significantly less, especially at the end of this quarter, which should be harnessed by sowing. The best time for this is 2 days before the full moon. During this time a plant’s leaves will also grow much faster, which is excellent for herbs like basil, mint, and oregano.

Garden Magick For The Full moon

This time is the best for crops that we grow for their roots, because of the amount of moonlight. During this period carrots and beets will flourish and grow like a weed. If you want to harvest any crop like these you should wait until the full moon is over to achieve the best size for them.

It’s also good for transplanting because even if you damage the roots they will heal fairly quickly. They also won’t get into a state of shock and stop growing, which is unfortunately very common with a couple of plants. While it’s the full moon you don’t have to worry about that.

Garden Magick For The 3rd quarter Moon

This one is a bit tricky because of its similarity to the 2nd quarter. The technicals are the same, leaves grow a lot faster and seeds should be planted. But what else? It can’t be that two opposing quarters have the exact same effect. Correct.

The 3rd quarter is when you should be harvesting the leaves of the herbs mentioned above. It’s true that they grow faster during this time, but they also regenerate much better as well, which makes this an excellent period for harvest. Those leaves will grow back much quicker than they usually would.

Garden Magick For The 4th quarter Moon

This is the odd one out of them all. When the moon is in its 4th quarter the growth of plants basically stops. There isn’t much moonlight or gravitational pull, so everything is just sitting around. There is a good reason why people call this a resting period.

You shouldn’t plant or transplant during this time. It’s useless, nothing will settle and the roots won’t grow enough to make a difference. You’re better off waiting until the new moon.

There is a positive side to all of this though. If you have a lawn you should move it during the 4th quarter. It’s going to stop the grass from growing so fast and you will have at least a week without having to worry about it all.

Final thoughts

You don’t need to stick to every one of these rules, of course. They are here to help your gardening and your craft, not to make your life miserable by caging you with rules. If you are okay with the way your plants grow now then don’t change anything. If you want a little bit more, then I encourage you to take the quarters into account!

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