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Your aura plays a huge part in your overall mood and it can also affect your spellwork. Negative energy, hexes and curses can affect it strongly, which is why you need to cleanse your entire self, including your aura, regularly. Unfortunately though, witches don’t like to remind others to do so and they also don’t share the methods often.

Today I’m here to change that.


Sometimes it’s enough to sit down in complete silence (or with white noise, whichever helps you clear your mind). Just take the time, make sure you don’t have anything to stress about and breathe. Let your head empty itself.

Or if you haven’t done anything like this before though, I suggest you download an app or search youtube for guided meditation. Some of us simply can’t take our thoughts off our environment, work and general stress. This can help you relax much more easily, as it gives you something else to think of without derailing the meditation itself.

Not only can meditation clear your aura, it can also improve your overall mental health. It will help you in the long-term and not just your spellwork.

Smudging or incense

Submerging yourself in the smoke of smudge sticks or incense can be a great method. It draws out the negativity and cleanses your aura in just a couple of seconds.

Smudging is usually more effective as it has dried herbs in it, which can’t really be faked. They are also slightly better for spiritual cleanses, as they have been around for longer and they are associated with exorcisms connection to deities. Their only downside is that they are harder to find.

On the other hand, incense is really easy to find and most people have a few sticks at home anyway. You can use ones made of sage, thyme and cedar. They work best for cleanses.

Either way, please don’t use this method every single time you cleanse your aura. Smoke, as we know it, is inherently bad for our bodies and mostly our lungs. You might do some good for your soul and body, but you will be destroying your lungs in the long-term.

how to cleanse your aura smudge

Take a walk in the rain

Unfortunately, you can’t do this often if you live in a place where you don’t get much rain. So don’t depend only on this method, it’s not reliable enough.

When it comes to cleansing nature is your best friend. It will carry away all your troubles and soak it up so you don’t have to dwell in it. And it won’t even take too long, just a couple of minutes, although if you want to be sure you can sit outside for hours in the rain. Just make sure you don’t get sick.

Simply wait for rain clouds to form and go outside. Sit, stand or whatever you want to do in clothing that will most definitely get soaked. You don’t want to protect yourself from getting wet, otherwise it won’t work. Let the drops flow down your skin and fall to the ground. They will wash down the negative energy you carry and free you of them.

Note: after you are done with a cleanse like this go back inside and take a hot shower. Not a bath, a shower. Rain water is filled with small dirt particles and you don’t want that sticking to you. We’re witches, not animals.

Use stones

Nope, not crystals – regular stones. Go outside, pick up a rock and concentrate. Visualize the bad things and negative energies migrating to your fingertips, then into the rock. You can do this by thinking of all the negativity like black smoke you want to clear your body of. Once you can’t find anymore within yourself you need to throw the rock away. Then your job is done.

Mother nature will be able to absorb all that energy and cleanse the rock by itself. You just need to pawn off the work.

Use water

Most websites tell you to take a healing bath, because it will draw out your negative energy. Well, it might work for them and even you, but I don’t find this to be very effective. You’re essentially soaking in what you want to get rid of. It’s like taking a mud bath when you want to clean yourself, it certainly does something, just not what you want.

So, you can try the healing bath. But if it doesn’t work there are plenty of other ways you can use water. For example, showers work similarly to rain, except for the fact that it’s not natural water carrying the energy. It doesn’t make too big of a difference and you also won’t catch a cold for sure this way.

Or you can “bathe” in a lake, sea or river. As long as that body of water moves around and has small so-called currents you are good to go. Even better if you swim around, because you definitely won’t get stuck in your own energy that way.

Final thoughts

It doesn’t really matter which method you use, as long as you cleanse your aura regularly. It can have awful effects on your everyday life if you don’t. So even if you don’t have any energy, just hop under the shower and cleanse yourself that way.

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