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Arranging crystals in a certain pattern can make a huge difference when it comes to creating energy in a room or just general spellwork. This is what crystal grids are good for because they can enhance the effect of crystals and help you work with them much better.

Step one: Set your intention

One thing preface this though, you need to have a specific intention. You can’t just create a grid for “better energy” because then the crystals won’t have one clear goal they can achieve. If you are struggling to find the right intention, try focusing on what you want to feel around the grid or what you want to be capable of. That should give you a good idea about what you should do.

(Quick tip: take a look at the “Lot traits” in The Sims 4 and try to go from there, there are some really good ones.)

Simply meditate, clear your head and think of what you want the grid to achieve. Wanting to be happy at home is simply not specific enough. Instead, focus on what you want from that happiness or where you want it to come from. Is it better mental health? Is it less boredom? Is it success in your relationship?

Once you know for sure what you want you can go ahead and get started on actually arranging your grid.

Step two: Decide what shape you want

When you think of shapes the first one that pops into your mind is probably one from Pinterest or Instagram that requires like 30-40 crystals. Let’s just say that’s simply not realistic because one, most witches don’t have enough space and two, we just don’t have that many crystals. I’ve been collecting them since I was 8 years old and even I wouldn’t have enough materials for such a huge grid. It’s insane and doesn’t really serve any purpose besides being aesthetic.

So instead of doing this, just pick a simple shape that fits your intention. Like a circle, square, or triangle. These work just as well and don’t require you to go crazy while building the grid.


Circles are mostly for protection, but they can also symbolize The One, which can help with spirituality. I highly recommend making a grid like this somewhere around your altar, because it will create a certain vibe that can help with meditation and divination work.

Although, there are a couple of people out there who use circle grids for bravery.


Triangles are the simplest. You only need a minimum of 3 crystals for it and they can help with a lot of things. Firstly, triangles have always been the symbol of fire, therefore this shape can ignite passion, lust, and power. Be careful if you decide to go with one of them, because the grid may work a little too well. Secondly, triangles can help you build structure and safety in your everyday life. If you have anxiety or any other disorder that causes you to stress this might just be the grid for you.


These are one of the most uncommon grids because they have the least amount of uses. They simply help you enforce boundaries in your everyday life, so if you have a pushy partner or parent this might just help stop them.

But it can also put up boundaries for yourself. For example, if you are on a diet it can help you hold back from eating unhealthy foods. Or it can help you get more disciplined in regards to exercise.


These are slightly more complicated, but I believe in all of you, plus I think that this is the most useful grid out of these four. Spirals are for people looking to level up in their entire life or for those who want to become better in a specific area. So, let’s say you want to start learning how to draw realistically. Then you can create a grid like this right around the desk where you usually work and it will make practicing easier.

But spirals also mean expanding. This mostly means socialization and making new connections. A grid like this works best in the diner or living room, depending on where your guests spend the most time.

Step three: Choose your stones

There isn’t much more to say to this, you have to take a good look at your stones, look them up online and use them accordingly.

Try to stick to the theme of your original intention. This means that if you want your home to have a more romantic vibe, then place rose quartz, emerald, and moonstone in the shape of a triangle. Simple as that. Rose quartz is associated with love, emerald with loyalty, and unconditional love and moonstone with nurturing.

Although, you can have a couple of black sheep that don’t seem to fit the theme at first glance. For example, you could switch out the moonstone for smokey quartz. That way your relationship would be protected from negative energy and thus, you would have fewer arguments.

You just have to weave the crystals together to create what you want. It’s not as hard as it seems, because crystals have at least a slight association with happiness, motivation protection, and love, so you can’t really go wrong. Just give it a try and make small tweaks as needed.

Step four: Activate your grid

You can do this in several ways, but most people prefer to simply say a few words that seem appropriate. For example, “May this be a house filled with love from now on” is an appropriate activation of the aforementioned grid.

Or you can also light a stick of incense and flick a tiny bit of the ashes on the crystals.

But perhaps the method of lazy witches is the easiest. Just say “Activate” with strong intentions and that should be enough too.

Either way, if you can feel a change in the air around you and in your home you are done. Your grid is now in working order and you will soon start to notice the changes that you wanted.

Final thoughts

Grids can make a huge difference in the everyday life of a witch, so you should probably get going now. I bet that you have a couple of crystals that are just lying around and that could be used in a grid.

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