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One thing all witches struggle with in the beginning is practicing regularly. Sometimes you don’t need to cast spells or pray to deities. Without these, it’s hard to feel your powers. Because of this, many of us have the need to include magick in our everyday lives, so that our days become better and we can finally feel the energy flow in us.

If you feel the same way I have a couple of tips for you.

Morning beverage

This is probably one of the most known ones out there, because most people have some kind of drink in the morning, whether it be coffee, tea or just water. Either way, you can make it a little more magickal with a simple ritual.

Stir your drink clockwise, close your eyes and imagine how your day will go. Manifest the energy needed for it into whatever you are about to drink and gulp it down. As it flows down into your stomach your should already be able to feel to boost it gives, but if you don’t, keep calm and move on. It will come eventually.

And yes, you can stir water too, just add a little bit of lemon juice and mix it in so you don’t feel like a weirdo trying to stir plain tap water.

Do a daily tarot reading

Starting out your day by doing a reading is not only magickal, but it will help you out. Just ask a question and draw a card, that’s it. This way you can learn a lot about what is ahead of you and what you can expect from the universe for that given day.

Here are a couple of ideas for open-ended questions:

  • What do I need today?
  • What should I avoid today?
  • What should I try to do today?
  • What can I focus on today to make my life better?
  • What energy is affecting me today?

And a couple Yes or No questions:

  • Is something good going to happen to me today?
  • Is something bad going to happen to me today?
  • Will I get closer to achieving [insert your goal]?
  • Do I need to be focused today?
  • Can I act carefree today?

These will all give you a good idea of the day ahead of you, especially if you manage to ask the right question. Just make sure that you keep the tarot deck’s answer in mind.

Draw sigils or runes on yourself

A personal favorite, as it’s such a small thing to do, but makes a huge difference. Also, there are many ways to do it, nothing is set in stone. But I’m going to give you a couple of examples, just so you can get the hang of it.

Create Tattoo-like Sigils

You can actually get sigils tattooed on yourself if you want, although I don’t recommend it because its power can eventually wear out, and then you will be left with some ink in your skin that doesn’t do much or has to be charged every once in a while.

Another similar method, but less permanent is henna and body paint. It eventually fades and wears down, but then you can draw on another sigil.

Use Moon water, or other liquids

If you don’t want anything to actually be visible You can use some kind of charged water to draw your runes or sigils. Moon water is the strongest, but you can use anything. Even lime juice works if you prefer it.

Draw on yourself with Makeup

This works best if you use foundation because then you can draw on the sigil with a brush or a sponge, then spread it out on your face. Beauty runes are obviously better here.

But you can also give it a try with eyeliner, for a really witchy look, so that the symbol will either be around your eye, in the corner of it or on your eyelid. Although I don’t recommend that you do this every day, it’s really time-consuming.

Take time to meditate

Now, meditation isn’t completely magickal, but it can help you do spellwork more effectively, not to mention the fact that it’s really good for your mental health. You don’t need to commit to it too much, even a couple of minutes can be enough as long as you do it every day.

Simply sit down in a quiet place, the hardest part in nowadays world, and stop actively thinking. Let your thoughts flow to wherever they may please. Let the energy in your body move around in a way you don’t usually let it.

Salt baths and showers

At the end of the day, you can just hop in the bath or shower and wash down everything. Including negative energies and thoughts. All you need is some salt and the willingness to scrub yourself with it a little or sit in the water for a good while.

Epsom salt is obviously the best for a bath, but you can also use Himalayan or even regular table salt. I recommend black salt for showers, as they have a better cleansing ability, which is optimal if you want to quickly get rid of everything without having to soak in the water.

Essential oils in cleaning products

Before you do any of this, please look up whether your cleaning products can mix with oils. Most water-based ones can’t, and thus the oil becomes stuck on the top, making everything go to waste as they can’t be used anymore.

Here are a couple of associations you want to build up with some items and surfaces of your home:

  • Front door – luck, hospitality
  • Windows – clarity
  • Work desk – focus, grounding, creativity
  • Kitchen countertops – creativity
  • Bath/Shower – calmness, grounding
  • Mirror – confidence

But to be completely honest, lemon oil will work with anything just because of the smell.

Final thoughts

In the end, you have to remember the fact that you don’t have to practice every day to be a witch. As long as you believe in magick you are good to go, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

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