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Alfalfa 1oz


Alfalfa is perhaps one of the least known plants that correspond with money, prosperity and wealth. It is also connected to feminine energy, Venus and the element of earth.

This packet contains 1 oz. of dried cut alfalfa.

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Without its flowers, alfalfa gets lost in the wild. If you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for you will never find this plant because it blends in so well with the rest of the environment. Alfalfa has teardrop-shaped leaves and the whole plant grows up to a few feet tall, similarly to many useless weeds. The flowers are a light purple and they are situated at the top of the plant, which makes them easy to spot. Witches use alfalfa to gain wealth, attract new customers, and for general prosperity spells.

Witchy Tips For Alfalfa Magick

  • If you want to protect your home from poverty and financial loss grab a decent sized jar and fill it with alfalfa. Once the flowers dry and start to shrink fill it back up so your financial situation may improve as well or stagnate, at the very least.
  • Having alfalfa in one of your pockets (preferably in one that is close to your heart) will increase your luck while gambling or asking for a loan.
  • Taking a bath in alfalfa induced water may increase your chances to prosper in both your financial life and your career. It’s highly advised that you do this before a big day at work or before asking for a promotion.
  • Sprinkling some of this plant around your front door will make sure that financial gain is headed toward you and that you can increase your wealth in the near future.
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