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Angelica Root cut 1oz


Angelica has long been known as a healing herb, but it is also used for purification, protection, and blessing. It is also associated with masculine energy, the Sun and the element of fire.

This packet contains 1 oz. of dried cut angelica root.

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Angelica is a very distinctive plant that has small bunches of white flowers on top. Its roots look just like tree bark when dried out. These roots are often used to put blessings on people, most of the time on new-born babies, but angelica roots can even help a witch remove curses. It’s a very positive herb all around.

Witchy Tips For Angelica Root Magick

  • If you think you have been cursed put a piece of angelica root in an orange satchel and carry it with you for a day. If the negativity remains, refresh the roots. Rinse and repeat until the curse is gone.
  • You can sprinkle shredded angelica root into a black candle’s flame for protection. This ritual should be repeated weekly if you want the effect to last.
  • Keep a pinch of angelica root under your pillow or near your bed for protection against ill-wishes and hexes.
  • If you are going into labor you can give your baby a headstart in life by eating angelica root (please first consult your doctor or midwife). It will bless both your and your child’s body and the birth will go down even smoother than it normally would.
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