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Comfrey Root cut 1oz


Comfrey is the ultimate herb for protection. Worn or carried, it protects and ensures safety during travel. Comfrey also has associations with Feminine energy, Saturn and Water.

This packet contains 1 oz. of cut comfrey root – Symphytum officinale.

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Witches have long been using comfrey to protect their family and friends, especially when travelling.  

Witchy Tips For Comfrey Root Magick

  • If there is an expensive or important item that you want to keep safe (electronics, jewelry or even a diary) you can use comfrey root to do so. Simply hide some comfrey in or around the item and leave it be. You should take other precautions too, though, because witchcraft might not be enough to stop someone from theft.
  • For divination work, burn comfrey along with mugwort and have an even better experience than usual. The smoke of this mixture can open up your mind and allow you to understand more things and communicate better.
  • Comfrey is said to keep you safe while traveling. Put some of the root in all of your pockets before setting off on your journey and let their energy protect you.
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