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Orris Root cut 1oz


Orris root is one of the most feminine herbs you can use in your craft. It works great in love and fertility spells, although it can also act as an aphrodisiac for men. It is associated with the Egyptian goddess Isis, the Divine Feminine, and the Underworld.

This packet contains 1 oz. of cut orris root – Rhizoma iridis.

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Orris root, also known as Queen Elizabeth root, has been a widely used in love and fertility magick. Legend has it that female witches used the root to lure men into their homes, in order to make children. This could be based on a kernel of truth, since orris root can be a very strong aphrodisiac for men and it can tune everything else out. But as far as we know, witches used this herb to cast love and fertility spells for other people.  

Witchy Tips For Orris Root Magick

  • If you want to awaken a man's passions (with his consent) for a short period of time, you can make him orris root tea. Just boil the roots for 3-4 minutes and it should be good to go. This ritual should not be confused with a love spell, since it won’t awaken any emotions in the other person.
  • For a woman who has trouble conceiving the same is advised, except they shouldn’t drink the mixture. It should be spread around the lower stomach where the uterus sits. This should be repeated once a day for several days before the woman’s ovulation.
  • Love spells should only be done with care if you involve orris root because they make the ritual very strong and almost irreversible. For the best outcome, you should only do this with couples who are already married or are planning to tie their lives together.
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