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Thyme Leaf whole 1oz


Thyme has a broad repertoire, but is most associated with health and healing. It is also thought to help with purification, psychic abilities, love, sleep, and even courage. Thyme has deep associations with Venus, Water and Feminine energy and may be used for these influences.

This packet contains 1 oz. of dried thyme leaf – Thymus vulgaris.

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Thyme can be found in most kitchens and because of this, you can easily create magickal foods with it, and thyme can also act as an ingredient in potions. The latter is not recommended though, because the taste of thyme can overwhelm the liquid, making it bitter and hard to drink. Over the centuries witches have used thyme as a way to bring people together, induce sleep in sick people, and to increase their own psychic abilities. Nowadays you can even find spells that encourage people to be courageous and brave.

Witchy Tips For Thyme Leaf Magick

  • Burn thyme to create an intensely purifying smoke. This can help you clear entire homes of negative energy, although it works best in areas filled with a magickal aura (mostly the workshops of witches).
  • Those who struggle with digestional problems will find thyme leaves to be one of the best herbal (and magickal) remedies. By enchanting a few dried leaves and using it as an ingredient in meals you can soothe the pain that comes with the problem, although if there is a deeper root cause to your issue, you will need to find it and restore balance.
  • You can also use thyme to gather up courage before a big day. Put some dried thyme leaves in your pockets to make you braver than usual.
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