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If you have an animal at home, whether it be a dog, cat, or even a goldfish, it’s a nice gesture to make them feel better by using witchcraft. There are plenty of spells for every kind of situation, so there really is no reason why you shouldn’t learn some. Just make sure that you do everything carefully, as you don’t want the ritual to backfire.

Welcoming a new pet

Many animals have some anxiety when they are taken away from their mother and thus, it can be hard for them to get accustomed to their new home. You can make the transition a little easier if you perform this spell. It should be done before you bring them home.

Things you need:

  • Rose
  • Smoky quartz
  • White or pink candle
  • A cloth or toy that has the mother’s scent on it

The latter will be pretty hard to do if we are talking about a reptile, fish or bird, as many owners don’t actively try to get an item like that. If the task seems impossible you can switch it out for something new that will be sentimental to both your pet and you once they get there.

First, cleanse your home with the smoky quartz. No bad energy should be present when you are trying to welcome a new member of your family. Next, decide where your pet’s designated area should be (because yes, there should be one, although you can simply use their bed or aquarium) and place the rose and candle right next to it.

Whisper the name of your new pet and light the candle. Hold the toy or cloth as you watch the flame and imagine how happy you will be once your beloved friend gets there. Redirect all that positive energy into your hands and then into the item. Fill it with love. Then say their name once more and blow out the candle. Let the remaining energy go into the rose, then hang it up somewhere safe where it can dry out. It will be the keepsake of the feelings you hold for your pet.

And you’re done! Your home is ready to welcome its new resident!

Finding a lost animal

This is the American Witch’s Incantation, so follow the instructions carefully, as the ritual was perfected over centuries and any small mistake might affect your results. It would be heartbreaking if you couldn’t find your lost pet, so please read this thoroughly.

Find a crossroads and be there at dusk, facing the setting sun. Note, that you should be there at the astronomical dusk, which means that the sun shouldn’t be visible at that point, or only the tip of it. Bow down nine times while calling to your pet (this can mean their name or a command they usually listen to). Then, once again bow down nine times and say this:

God above, as you called forth the fish in the sea, birds in the air, and fauna on land, bring forth your [brother or sister, depending on the sex of you pet], [name of your pet].

Finally, bow down nine more times while once again, calling your animal. Take ten steps backwards without turning your head (you should be looking straight ahead, don’t even move your eyes), then go home as fast as possible. If you get home after the last ray of sunshine has vanished your spell won’t work. Don’t worry though, you can do it again the next day.

Animal healing spell

Please note that you shouldn’t only rely on witchcraft to heal your pet. If you think your little critter has some serious issues take them to the vet and get them examined. This is only a little boost and not a complete medical checkup and treatment, don’t think otherwise.

Things you need:

  • A couple hairs (or a feather, or water from the aquarium on tissue)
  • Brown candle
  • Carving tool

First of all, if your pet is in a really bad condition you should consider doing this during the full moon. Carve the name of your pet into the candle and attach the hairs, feather or tissue halfway down with a tiny bit of melted wax. Make sure that they stick and won’t fall off midway through the ritual. Next, secure the candle and light it, while saying the following words:

As the candle burns may sickness depart, as the hairs light let healing come in. Blessed be and harm none.

Watch the candle burn down completely and focus on your pet getting better. Visualize their health and happiness as their sickness leaves their body.

Final thoughts

These are the most important spells you should know for a pet, but if you want more you can easily create your own. Some other fun ones might be learning enhancers, sleep boosters or simple pain relievers. But whatever you do, make sure to keep you herbs and oils away from pets while performing these rituals, so that they don’t ingest it!

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